We have been in business for almost 5 years, have a great reputation and brand, and we are growing quickly. You may have noticed on social media, we've had a rebrand! Not out of choice, but through bully-boy tactics 🙄 here’s what happened... ⁠



You may have noticed on social media, we've had a rebrand! Not out of choice, but through bully-boy tactics. We were bullied into it. We had to change our name, logo and website. And now we have to change all our social media profiles and emails too...


It was just before Christmas, and a threatening trademark email landed in my inbox. Not only s**t timing with personal circumstances but right before Christmas, really? A usually very busy retail month for many of us was cut short due to postal strikes and delays, and to top it off, I’m needing to find a solicitor in December!
We had never heard of them or their brand before (you probably won't have either), so they clearly didn't understand our brand or what it stands for.

We're proud of our product line and the way it helps our customers feel confident and elegant. Our brand has a good reputation and is growing quickly - we are not going anywhere anytime soon!

It’s worth noting that the business that came after us, are not in the UK, nor in womenswear, in fact, we had never heard of them and you probably won't have either...


Fast forward many emails, calls and tears later... we would like to introduce you to Etton Taylor ❤️

Eton Taylor have had a rebrand

Etton Taylor was born out of a love for clothes and the need for a brand that was more accessible. Our goal is to encourage all ladies to have a timeless, long-lasting wardrobe that makes them feel confident and elegant in their own skin.

We're based in the UK but serve ladies globally with our range of stylish clothes available online at www.ettontaylor.com


As business owners, when we launch our brand, our small business, our baby... we know that protecting it is important but whether it’s down to time, knowledge, cost or just simply because we believe the risks of infringement are low, many of us don’t do it. Take your time and seek expert advice, it's worth the money!


We hope that by sharing our experience, you will be able to avoid similar situations. We are in the process of building up our brand again and we know that it will take time but we are determined not to let this affect us or our business in any way. If anything, it has made us stronger than ever before - we now love the double 'T' in our name and hope you do too!


Jo x

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