With a New Year and race season on the horizon it’s time to start looking at outfits and Etton Taylor is the obvious choice for your fail-save timeless accessories.

The wonderful thing about accessories is that you can wear them again and again to create multiple looks and styles for multiple occasions. Not only do the beautiful wraps, gilet and knits keep you warm during the winter racing frost and brunch dates, but a fab fur wrap can update your old outfits and make them instantly chic.

(1) Clara Fur Scarf, (2) Grey Marl Knitted Cashmere Fur Wrap (3) Cream Philipa Poncho Jumper

Whether you are looking for a luxury wrap, fur gilet or a knit, Etton Taylor has you covered.

I have managed to wear mine all year round and to virtually every occasion. You wouldn’t look out of place on peg, out shopping and at a winter wedding; making them a great investment piece.

The Clara scarf is the perfect example of this, it has taken me from summer breezy beach evenings, below freezing winter walks, to Cheltenham races and would be the perfect shawl for a wedding. Due to the scarfs timeless style and colours, you can dress it up, dress it down and pair it with a multitude of outfits.

The quality of this pieces, alike all of Etton Taylors pieces, is outstanding, the embroidery is subtle, but a lovely touch and the fur trim adds a level of luxury and sophistication.

From left to right; Grey Marl Clara Fur Scarf, Sand Clara Fur Scarf, Sand Clara Fur Scarf

Etton Taylor is my go-to brand for transitional seasons, the wraps and fur gilets are the perfect extra layer of warmth for the weird British weather, but they also add interest to the outfit. Scarfs, fur and knits are always associated with winter months, but I personally love styling them in the summer and find the outcomes more exciting.

I love the way a scarf can elevated a very simple outfit into something completely different and put together. The fur and knit combination of the Clara scarf also adds texture and another dimension to an outfit, which would have been very flat and form fitting without.

From left to right; Grey Marl Clara Fur Scarf, Grey Marl Clara Fur Scarf, Grey Marl Knitted Cashmere Fur Wrap

Another reason for Etton Taylor’s success is the versatility of the pieces and the Anna Gilet denotes this perfectly. I love styling mine under coats for an extra layer of warmth and the subtle hint of the fur is a styling win.

On peg it was perfect for warmth whilst not becoming bulky under my coat. I matched the camel tones of the gilet with the Schöffel Uppingham 3in1 Coat, Fairfax & Favor Oak Explorers and Baker bot hat, for a chic, yet deceivingly warm field.

When shooting season comes to an end there is no need to hang up the Anna gilet, its perfect for Cheltenham and the weird in-between months when it’s too hot to wear a coat but too cold for just a jumper. I sported the Anna Gilet underneath a thin jacket for the Game fair. I loved the subtle fur trim it added to the coat and soften the pattern around the face. 

A great styling tip if a colour is too harsh on your skin tone, for example black or a loud pattern, adding a fur trim whether it’s a tippet or gilet with a softer tone and texture, will break up the harshness against the face and make them wearable.



Featuring; Anna Fur Gilet in Mushroom

I love finding classic wardrobe staples and pieces which elevate any outfit, and I believe with Etton Taylor and the beautiful accessories that Jo has to offer, they have well and truly accomplished this.

I cannot wait for another year of styling these true beauties and finding even more combinations and ways to wear them. Etton Taylor for me, embodies timeless, practical yet beautiful pieces, making them the easy choice to grab every morning.

Lots of love, Lauren x

Guest blog, courtesy of Lauren Price Looks 

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