Life never runs on a linear path, and none of us know what’s just around the corner. We can be organised, prepared and flexible in our approach to life, but life can still throw us totally off course in just a moment.

Last month, our founder Jo was dealt a truly life-altering blow that threw her totally off course. Pete, her loving husband, passed away unexpectedly. He died with his closest family around him, which was of some comfort to his loved ones, but naturally it was a huge shock for Jo, her son and their extended family. As a result, Jo took some much-needed time away from Etton Taylor to grieve and process this huge change in her personal life.

Jo posted the news on social media and announced that there would be some delays to processing and dispatching orders. The result was quite simply a flood of support. You, our amazing customers and followers, really stepped up, offering your condolences and understanding in your hundreds. We know that lots of our customers were excited to plan their outfits ready for spring weddings, the Grand National meeting at Aintree and myriad other events, but there was nothing but support and love for Jo at this dreadful time. It’s safe to say that Jo pours her heart and soul into the brand, and it was amazing to see that reflected right back at her when she needed it most.

Now, Jo is back at work and adjusting to an altered life. She’s throwing herself into sharing our new spring and summer collection and, no doubt like everyone else, hoping for warm, sunny weather to arrive. It’s been a long, wet winter and some bright days to lift the spirits would be just the ticket. Jo wanted to use this month’s blog to share her enormous thanks once again for all the kind messages and words of support after such an upheaval.  We’ve always said that we have the very best customers of all, and you’ve proven it again. Tough times don’t last but tough people do, and it’s a little bit easier to be tough with a lot of people on your team. Thank you.

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