As we write this blog, we have just sprung forward into spring and are looking  forward to feeling the warmth of the sun on our face. The bulbs are pushing through the soil and the first few are flowering here at Etton Taylor, and it’s an encouraging sign! We’re also excited about the arrival of spring for another, equally important, reason. There are some amazing spring fashion trends emerging this year and we can’t wait to experiment with them. Here’s what we’ll be using for style inspiration, and all we need is some warmer days and the rain to just disappear from more than 48 hours at a time!

Extraordinary Everyday

The title of this trend is slightly riffing off the Ikea tagline - ‘the wonderful everyday’ - and you might be wondering what it means! Well, the idea is that you take relatively ‘everyday’ essentials and elevate them. It’s a continuation of last year’s trend for quiet luxury - not having big, bold branding on clothes and instead letting the tailoring and materials speak for themselves. Think gorgeous wool blend coats that ooze quiet sophistication, or silk and cashmere scarves that you can drape over a shirt when the weather isn’t quite warm enough for just one layer… Think elegantly tailored blazers that can elevate a pair of jeans, a simple white tee and a pair of white canvas trainers in just moments.  

Simple Sky Blue

This one isn’t a trend as much as it’s a trending colour - and that colour is a perfect, light sky blue. The last few years have seen spring colours dominated by fun pastel shades of lilac, yellow and pink and, while they are still appearing everywhere, the pale sky blue is the perfect grown up take on spring colour. If you want to add this gorgeous colour to your wardrobe, check out our Blenheim or Rockingham ruffled blouses for warmer occasions.

Modern Romantic

This one is perfect for those of you who find the ‘quiet luxury/extraordinary everyday’ aesthetic a little bit too simple and pared back. Think velvet, peplums, fur (or faux fur), wide-leg trousers, big sleeves and ruffles! This trend is all about vintage-style silhouettes and playing with the material and texture of clothes. Luckily, we can definitely help you embrace this trend. Our range of ruffled blouses now stands at five different styles, and our colours include crisp white, dusky pink and perfect sky blue - see above!

Caramel Latte

This is a trend that emerged last year and it’s sticking around. Given that we advocate buying staples that you’ll use and love for years to come, we appreciate long trends rather than ones that are more of a flash in the pan! This one is all about layering cream, beige, coffee and caramel shades for a seriously chic look that’s low on effort. You’ll find these shades running through all our collections, so it’s easy to move from winter into spring and stay perfectly stylish and on-trend.

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