If you’ve heard our backstory here at Etton Taylor, then you will know that our founder and chief stylist Jo grew up surrounded by women's fashion. Her mother owned a boutique where Jo would go after school every day, watching as the women browsed and tried on the latest fashion. She remembers their fabulous statement pieces and how they would invest in clothing to last, rather than today’s obsession with one-season fast fashion.

That time left an indelible mark on Jo, giving her a lifelong appreciation of fine clothing and an excellent eye for fashion. When five years ago Jo decided to launch Etton Taylor she wanted to create a brand where people could go to find their personal style. Jo wanted to curate a collection of garments and accessories that would suit a range of body shapes and share tips on how to style them. Today, whenever the Etton Taylor trade stand appears at a show or event, people know that they will get a warm welcome and a guiding hand as they browse (if they want - we know some customers prefer to go it alone!). That’s evolved into offering a full personal shopping experience, which can take place at shows, online or in person away from the event circuit.

Why choose a personal shopping experience?

Customers are looking for a personal style consultant for a range of reasons. Some just don’t know where to start when it comes to new clothes, being unsure of what suits them or feeling under confident about creating outfits for special occasions. Other people have seen their body change, perhaps postpartum, as they age or even after weight loss, and want to learn how to dress for their shape. Other people just adore fashion and find an hour or so trying on clothes with someone to advise them and bounce ideas off their idea of heaven. Jo is also an expert at layering, helping people mix textures and fabrics to ensure they’re perfectly warm and stylish when the temperatures drop. What’s the same for every personal shopping experience is the welcoming atmosphere. Jo has a real warmth and immediately puts people at ease, so that they can enjoy every moment of their experience.

What happens during a personal shopping experience?

You can choose to book a personal shopping session with Jo at an event, for example one of our outdoor events in summer 2024 or one of the Christmas shopping fairs we’re heading to. If you’re not planning to attend any of the shows, we are going to then you can arrange for an online style consultation via video with Jo or visit her at her studio. The benefit of an online consultation is that Jo can see the clothes you already own and suggest tweaks to help suit your shape and which Etton Taylor garments will work with what you already have. Of course, ideally you want to try on the clothing during your appointment, so we tend to advise people to visit in person. Jo’s studio in Staffordshire is the most wonderful treasure trove of clothing from our current collections as well as other pieces you can use to style and experience a new look.

When you arrive, Jo will immediately put you at ease as you chat about your personal style and lifestyle. It’s so important that your clothing works for you, so if you’re on the road in meetings or in an office then you’ll need different clothing to someone who works outdoors at home or even outdoors. A workwear heavy wardrobe might comprise lots of tailored trousers or skirts, shirts and blouses as well as a few blazers. If you’re visiting to upscale your ‘going out’ options, then Jo will find out how you like to spend your free time! Do you love a day at the races or a day shopping with the girls? Is the perfect weekend spent brunching or finding the best local gastropub for dinner? Or perhaps you’re heading to black tie events and hunt balls and need to inject some glamour into your life. Whatever your life looks like, Jo will be able to help.

Then, the fun part begins… trying on lots of lovely clothes! This is totally relaxed and you can take your time - there’s no need to be hopping around on one leg trying to wriggle out of jeans at the same time as pulling a sweater over your head. With a glass of ice cold fizz on standby, you can try on as many different options as you like until you find the perfect style for you. There’s no obligation to buy and the aim is to have fun and uncover your perfect personal style! The right clothes give us so much confidence to step into and be the very best version of ourselves, and that’s what Jo wants to do for our customers.

To book your personal shopping experience today or ask any questions you like, please drop us a line here.

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