After a wonderful period of warm sunny weather, the business of autumn is very much underway. The evenings are steadily drawing in, there’s a nip in the air first thing and the leaves are beginning to turn. Many of us have a favourite season, whether that’s the new life of spring, the warmth and long days of summer or the cold, dark and cosiness of winter. But autumn really does deliver so many opportunities when it comes to selecting garments and styling outfits. It’s a chance to dig out boots, jeans and sweaters again after the warmer months. It’s a time when we can take inspiration from the colours in nature and weave them into our style. And here at Etton Taylor, we have to admit, it’s one of our favourite seasons of all!

Our founder Jo grew up around ladies’ fashion, with her mum owning a clothing boutique that she visited every day after school. She saw women selecting garments in cuts that suited their body shape and in colours, textures and materials that worked for their colouring, style and the changing seasons. That’s why for our September blog, we’re sharing Jo’s autumnal styling tips. Whether you’re off to a wedding or a posh event or you’d just love to look pulled together for lunches with your favourite girls or evening drinks with your partner, we hope you find them useful.

Autumnal colours

The autumnal palette doesn’t change a huge amount year-on-year, but there are some tweaks to the classic autumn shades for 2023. For example, why not see how cherry red looks layered with golds and yellows in place of the typical burgundy. Chocolate brown is having its moment too, alongside ‘salted caramel’, a deeper shade of beige or camel. The jewel shades that made their way into spring/summer looks remain too, with regal purple, emerald green and royal blue a possible diversion from the orange, red, yellow and classic country greens that people often turn to in autumn. If you’d like to try a jewel shade, our stunning Claudia double-breasted jacket is available in a head-turning purple and is finished with gleaming gold buttons.

Quiet luxury

Have you heard of the term quiet luxury? It’s been a huge trend throughout 2023 and shows no sign of going away as we head into the cooler months of the year! It’s the idea that you select well-tailored classic pieces and designer labels but style them in an understated way. Think a smart coat with a simple white cotton t-shirt underneath, or instead of choosing clothing with brand names emblazoned all over them, choose subtle branding. Our tweed collection is the perfect place to browse for those all-important tailored items, from longline gilets and tweed coats in a range of gorgeous tweeds. The quiet luxury trend means these items are more versatile than ever before - dress them up with one of our statement ruffled blouses and a show-stopping fedora, or pair with slim leg jeans, a t-shirt and some of your favourite canvas trainers for a chic ‘day off’ ensemble.

Sweater weather

If you look forward to the arrival of autumn just so that you can dig out your beloved knitwear again, we’re right with you. Cardigans and sweaters are so versatile, working for evenings when you can’t wait to curl up on the sofa with your favourite TV show or film, but pair the right knitwear with your favourite tailored trousers or tweed skirt, add some statement earrings and a heel and you’re got an outfit for a smart Sunday lunch or an evening at your local country pub. The Etton Taylor knitwear collection has so many different styles, from on-trend long sleeveless cardigans and funnel neck boxy cut jumpers to snug roll neck sweaters and everything in between.

Whatever adventures autumn and winter has in store for you this year, we hope you’ll embrace the chance to try this year’s autumnal trends and weave in some of your own style inspiration. It’s our firm belief at Etton Taylor that timeless style, such as well-made clothing, high quality materials and good tailoring never go out of fashion. Investing in a few key pieces each season is the perfect way to build a wardrobe that fills you with confidence, whatever the occasion or the weather!

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